Project of a New Monastery of Dominican Nuns in Prague-Lysolaje

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Our Present House

At present we seven nuns live in a monastery which is an extended family house located in a built-up area of family houses in Lysolaje (the outskirts of Prague, almost a village). It is a two-storey house.

On the ground floor we have a chapel for 10 – 15 sisters + about 20 places for those who want to join us in prayer or participate in the divine service. Regularly some 20 people come for the Sunday Mass; also on week-days often a neighbour or a friend turns up for the Mass or the Vespers. We are glad that also some of our neighbours from other Christian Churches have found their way to our chapel, so together we can bear a more eloquent witness of Christian desire for perfect unity. (If you also wish to take part in our worship occasionally, please find the necessary information here.)

Other rooms on the ground floor include the sacristy (things needed for the divine service are kept there), the refectory (i.e. the dining room), a small kitchen, a little room to accommodate a single guest, and a work-room that also serves as a chapter room, a community meeting room and a room for meeting our guests.

Upstairs (the so-called enclosure, our visitors normally do not enter there) we have 10 rooms, each for a sister (the so-called cells), sized 7-10 m2; three of them are presently used as work-rooms (for ironing, sewing etc.) or as spare bedrooms to accommodate sisters from other communities who like to come to us for a few days or weeks of rest.

A small terraced garden adjacent to the house; we cultivate in it flowers and fruit trees.

Our house is very nice, situated in pleasant surroundings and with wonderful neighbours, yet it does not correspond to the needs of a community trying to live a fully contemplative way of life. Any work that is a bit noisy (e.g. sewing on a machine, kitchen work or vacuum cleaning), answering the phone or meeting our guests cannot take place without disturbing everybody because the house is rather acoustic. The space is generally very cramped, and since we do not go out to work but spend most of the day inside, we keep bumping into each other. Often we need to do several things at a time in the same little work-room or in the kitchen. Our library is allocated in five different rooms and corridors, with no small part of it packed in boxes where the books can hardly be used. Also the garden is quite small so we have to go out for walks regularly, which is an exception in contemplative communities generally. (We are fortunate to have open fields and woodland nearby.)

All this leads us to the conviction that the building of a new monastery might help us to enhance our contemplative way of life, and our service to God and to the people with and for whom we live. For further details concerning our present house and our way of living, please, look at the following photogallery and at the photogallery on our community website.