Project of a New Monastery of Dominican Nuns in Prague-Lysolaje

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Property for Building a New Monastery in Lysolaje

The field  on which our new monastery would be located is in Lysolaje above the little chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows (near the spring). You can reach it along the Zakovska Street. A part of the field that belongs to the owner with whom we have been dealing about a possible purchase of the property is on a higher ground. The monastic buildings would be located on a little hill behind the garden of the house No. 18 in Kvetova Street.

Thus, from a distance, the monastic belfry would make a natural and quite impressive dominant of the municipality. The size of the garden would depend on the amount of means we would be able to gather for the purchase of the property. A larger garden would serve the needs of a contemplative community better, and in the same time it would be a natural boundary to limit further development threatening to destroy the greenery in the vicinity of the "Housle" natural monument.

Lower part of the field (just above the little chapel) belongs to a different owner who intends to build five family houses on it. The houses would be grouped along the road that would be a continuation of the Zakovska Street, slightly curving towards the main gate of the monastery. See a small gallery for other views of the property from different sides.